Friday, October 01, 2004

October is here

And that is good, cause i was geting tired of summer. Its is nice to do things outside without layers of clothes, but outside it self is much nicer when its fall.

Today so far i went to class, where we reviewed for the test, which was good. He told us that what ever questions we miss during the test we can go back and correct them for half credit. That is good, cause then there is not so much pressure on memorizing every little detail, and then i can work on knowing the main ideas, so now i am not dreading this test anymore (I still dont want to take it, i'm just not dreading it. ^_^)

Well I'm gonna go wash some dishes. eat something and study for my test.
Enjoy your Friday.

p.s. K-State vs Texam A&M looks like its gonna be a real good game, I think it is going to be on TBS at 6.
Go WC, WC! ^_^!!


Anonymous said...

Why are we cheering for WC Fields?

Ookami Snow said...

I think i'm always going to think "WC, WC" everytime i see people doing the Lynch Mob thing now ^_^. Kinda like how i think of going to Chipotle every time i walk into Scholtzky's...