Monday, October 04, 2004


So the Linear Models test went better than I expected. which is good. (Better than expected means i hope i get a 70%). Anyways, Dr Johnson lets us work on the parts of the test that we think we miss, and we can turn it in on Wed for partial credit. So after the test, we normally (we being me, lance, shawn, jenn, and sandipa) talk about how we did on the test. We purposley did not talk about it today thought, because obvously (he told us so), we can not work together on the corrections for the test. So right after the test what are the forgien students doing???? They are working together on the test corrections!! Frekin'a! They have no conscious i swear. Really they dont care how things go, or what they have to do (cheat) as long as they get an A. It pisses me (and all of 'us') off becuase we get worse grades because we are honest. Oh, and you know the worse part? If we were to tell Dr.J and he would not let us do make up work on the test it would hurt 'us' more than the stupid cheaters, because they are a memorizing machine. The forgien students know how to get A's in the math classes, but have the slightest idea how to apply their knowledge... so i guess that is the only bright spot in the story, I will have no problem getting a job over them after I have some experiance.

In other news, hockey practice went well. Everybody was mopeing around though. And as much as i dont want to say it, Jerry should be working us harder. Alot of the new guys dont reallize how hard the league is gonna be. Oh well they will find out soon.
I am looking forward to Denver, hopefully some of my family can come out and watch some of the games... it'll be fun.
Ok i go eat some dinner now, and watch the end of MNF. Ja.

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