Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh the days that start with to, there seems to be many of them.

Today started out like it was gonna be the start of a very busy short week. I went to linear models, which went ok, then I worked on Messy homework, i was getting no where fast on that, and i was tring to get it done today, as well as my linear models home work so i could study all day tommorow for the messy test. Well by 2.30 i only got done with most of the leinear models homework and some messy, so it looked like the rest of today and tommorow were gonna be sucky. But when we got to Messy Dr.J asked if it was ok to push the test back to monday.
That made life esier, so today all i have to finish is linear odels homework (which i did), tommorow i have to do the messy homework (not too bad), friday i study all day, and i get a nice stay at home weekend. But thats not all, I looke on my calander that tells me what to do when, and i found out (remembered?) that i don't have my class tomorrow. That means i can stay at home all day and work on my homework instead of going to school and doing it.
This week is a good one.

Well, I need to get some stuff done so that i can start cooking for game night. We are making two and a half new recipies, so it may take a bit to get done cooking, so i need to start soonish.

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