Tuesday, October 05, 2004

wrong time.

This morning i was in a rather bad mood. I was very tired, not sleepy tired, just worn out tired. I had mounds of work to do in a very short amount of time (lots of impotant things are due tommorow). And when i got my sampling test back i got an 80% on it (I am tring to get an A in the class). The test was worded badly and alost all of the points i missed (all but 2) were beacue i didnt understand what he was asking. (Not like i have no clue, dont understand, but like could you rephrase this, dont understand.) So after we went over the test in class he gave us a little break before we started going over ratio sampling. So i very tiredly went to my office for my break, on the way down I thought about how much stuff i am doing this semister, and how i overextended myself. I decided that i will not take on so much stuff next semister, i will adviod extra stuff this semister, and i will never take more than 6 hours of classes again. So i got a drink and headed back to class. I got there early and jennifer was sitting at the table. I sat down kinda next to her (one seat over, sam was inbetween us), and she asked "Shannon do you want to bring snacks for seminar this thursday?" I said "No, not really, I really dont have time." Then she goes "Aw, common" (playfully, not in a bad way or anything). And i say "I really dont have time, I am taking alot of classes, and any extra free time is being eaten up by other things. I will not be here on every other weekend, and two other nights of the week i do hockey practice. I do not have time, so i will not do snacks untill later in the semister usless you can not find anyone else to do them. I just dont have time to make them." So she goes "Thats what you have a wife for." Which was not the right thing to say.. so i say back "Nicole even has less time then i do, she is a full time teacher and junction's middle school, she does hockey and she is going to grad school full time, there is no way she can do it." By this time Sam got there, and he goes to jennifer "Oh, he shut you down" Which didnt help anything... but it ended our conversation, cause class started.

Now i try not to be mean, but it was a combination of: being worn out, alot of stuff to do in the morning, doing bad on the test, and having just decided that im not going to do extra stuff right now, that lead to me just outright saying no, i will not help.

After class I started work on my project and ordered J of the J (who got there really fast) and i felt better. I asked jennifer if she had someone to do the snacks, and she did, which was a good thing. She also didnt seem to be mad at me, which is also good. I worked the rest of the after noon on the SAS for Messy, which i got done just before I left to goto BW3. And at BW3 i sucked up trivia, but Amber did real well, she won the nig game, and also set a high score in the mini-six good job . ^_^

So today overall was good, it started off really bad, but i got alot of junk done, so tommrow i just need to correct my Exam for linear and write up Messy. And also give my Final (yay!). I am looking forward to getting done with this round of stuff.
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Ookami Snow said...

i used < "/ spooky> < /" endspooky> on parts of the post. It acted like it was html when i wrote it, but when it actually published the post it ignored it. oh well.

Anonymous said...

long days suck. that's why they end. good days, like good memories, linger. tomorrow'll be better.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, anytime there is an HTML parser on a site, anything with HTML brackets will disappear. It makes me sad. There are times I want to use a < /endrant> tag. But oh no, I can't. It makes me sad... like I said already. Meh. Time to go to class. whee.