Sunday, October 17, 2004

A day was had...

and there was nothing special about it. I woke up started studying and watched football. Then i watched football and studied. Then some more. Went to church then came home watched some football, and went to bed. (well i'm not in bed yet...) I have the messy test tomorrow at 2.30 so i need to finish studying for that, and i have a paper due tues, that i need to get done before hockey, so that i can goto hockey. Once those two things are done i will have more time to do funner things.

I had a good thought at church, but i can't remember what it was, so i wont say it now... but stay tuned, you never know when ill think of it at 3am and not allow myself fall back asleep until i post it. ^_^

Oh oh oh! I remember. It goes like this: We live in a capitalist society and like it, right? (well, most of us.) This kind of system allows companies to make things we like in return for our money. So here is how it works, a company makes something; a movie, a game, an idea, or something. Then we as consumers like this product and buy it from them, then the company makes money and can continue to make cool things. If, on the other hand, the company does not make money from the product they made they stop making it, even if it was d/led a jillion times. Remember, companies have to make money to work. So, when somebody makes something that you like, remember to give them the money that they deserve for their work. As such, if you d/l a game or music and you like it, buy it! Or at least support them in some way (goto a show, buy the game for someone else...). And don't buy stuff that is a ripoff, this makes money for cheaters.
Its like a big internet game, if everyone uses the cheat code pretty soon no one will play. We need companies to make us things; don't screw the system, especially with the companies that you like (GamesWorkshop, good bands, good restaurants, etc...).

Oh yeah, and bad companies should die (AOL, or any company that tires to trick its customer...)

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