Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fantasy Football

I posted this on our fantasy football page:

From Yahoo's Review of L. Coles:

"Oct 4 Redskins wide receiver Laveranues Coles caught seven passes for 122 yards on Sunday, and the gaudy numbers came despite playing with a dislocated middle finger on his right hand. However, despite the gutty performance, Coles wasn't happy. He fumbled with two minutes left to play in the game and ended any chance of the Redskins winning. "When guys like myself are who the team depends on to make plays and do not come through, I think that is a problem," he told the Washington Times. "I fumbled the game away for us."

Here is the important part:

"Views: This illustrates a fundamental difference between fantasy football and the actual game. Fantasy owners are pleased by the 122 yards, while Coles is upset about the miscue and the loss. Since we're on the positive side of that deal, we'll applaud Laveranues for posting his second 100-yard effort in the last three games."

With our scoring Coles cost me the game as well. Normally in fantasy football i fumble is nothing, but in real football it is very important not to turn the ball over. So when we did scoring for this leauge we made turnovers really hurt your team. This has helped our fantasy football act more like real football. In my two loses I can point to two guys fumbling, E. James the first week and L. Coles this last week that cost the game for me. The funny thing is, is that they also cost the game for their real team. I think the system we have in place now for scoring works well, and will only get minor tweaks in the years to come. After all whats the fun of making positive points? ^_^

I am very proud of the scoring system we (me and lance) did for fantasy football this year. It has lead to realistic games, where one player preforing well can win you the game, or one player playing very bad can lose you the game. This is how it is in real life, and also in PIFF this year.

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