Friday, October 08, 2004

F*** sh***** cont...

Matt left a reply to my comment about file sharing, he said the anime subbers were not needed anymore, and to use internet radio to find now bands, or use record company websites. Here is my reply back:

There are two types of companies. Ones that try to make fans of their customers (Chipotle, Best Buy, etc....) and those that dont give a crap about their customers (AOL, Cable TV people....). The music industry does not try to make fans out of their customers, they want to get the maximum amount of money from each and every customer, which is why they were price fixing. Me, being a customer who does not give a crap about companies that dont care about me, will try to get anything a can for as cheap as i can. Obviously buying pirated stuff is stupid, but d/l bands until you find one that you like enough to buy is a good way to find what i like for very cheap. (p.s. they make internet stream capturing programs, it records the songs off the internet radio, names them, and saves them as mp3.)
File sharing is here to stay, and the music industry needs to find a way where their customers want to buy from them. The tactic of pissing off your customers is not working.
oh yeah, and if you dont like file sharing, do not use a recipe to cook. Some one had to make up that recipe years ago, but some one copied it down and used it. Then someone else copied it down, soon everyone has their own corrupted version of stuffing. So make sure that you buy only cookbooks in which all recipes are original of the author (which is impossible) because you are infringing on the IP of the person that made the original recipe.

I think next time i see the book 'Raving Fans' i'll buy it. It is a book talking about how companies are now tring to make fans of their customers instead of just tring to force money out of them. The places that we like to eat at is a good example of this. We dont spend uber amounts of money at BW3 but we will over the year since we go there every tuesday night. Puffys isnt cheap, but they give you so much good food that its always fun to go. Just think about the companies you like, they are the ones that will give you alittle back (Panera giving free desert to everybody once in a while, Radina's giving us left over cookies).
Remeber that companies have one goal, to make money. If one company tries to make that money by gouging, guilting, and tricking, and the other by tring to make you a fan, I am going to spend my money with the one that at least seems to care about me.
Call me new-fashioned....

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