Friday, October 15, 2004

Got meaning?

I've always wandered if kanji tattoos have the right meaning, now we know at least some of them are wrong... ^_^.

Correct kanji meanings of bad tattoos

Good times.

In other news: I am very tired, i repeat, i am very tired. Do not be alarmed, this can only lead to me falling asleep in my messy class, and not wanting to stick around at school. Had this been an actually emergency, i prob. would be asleep right now.
my group for sampling methods decided to meet yesterday during dryland, so, i can't go. So they decided to meet again after some stuff gets done. Can you guess the time? It's 3pm tomorrow, which is during the football game... oh well, less meetings for me :).

The only other thing i can think of, for the moment, is how there are alot of people on campus wearing KU stuff now... stop it!


Anonymous said...

ha ha. now you know what it's like to be at KU during football season for the past 6 years :)


Ookami Snow said...

have they been wearing KU stuff over there too? gross.

Emily said...

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