Wednesday, October 13, 2004

GlassRattler Hockey Forums: : Topeka Tarantulas Jerseys

GlassRattler Hockey Forums: : Topeka Tarantulas Jerseys

The T'Rants have released their jerseys, they look pretty good. I like that they went with a tan color instead of white for the home (?) games.

Todays was a pretty lazy day, I got up around 10, got to school around 1, got alot of paper work and such done. One good thing is that i am completely done with my class that i taught now, so i dont have to do anything for that now. This will allow me to get to hockey practice on time, and I can help out for game night. So it doesn't really give me anymore free time, but it does give Nicole more time to do her things which is good.

After dorking around my office for awhile i headed off to BW3 for the traditional night of trivia and cheap buffalo wings. I ended up winning the big game (by around 10k), and amber got second. so that was a good time.
After BW3 we headed off to Dillions, which they are redoing completely (not the Westloop dillions). We got the food for game night, which i think will have some pretty good food. Tomorrow will be the first game night this semester that i will be doing the main part of the cooking, so it should be fun.

Well unfortunately i have to get up and goto school early tomorrow, so i need to get to bed. Im glad its gonna be wed., it'll be a quick week.

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