Thursday, October 28, 2004

First of 18 days

in a row that there is football on tv.

Anyways i spent alot of time replying to a comment about the Iraq article, the person (Julia, Amber, ??) had some good arguments, it is worth checking out the relpy.

so i am tired of typing but ill give you a run down of ye ol' day.

I got to paint a bit before class thismorning, which is prob the first time i have painted in a month. Class was fun, for the first part we talked about polling and election stuff. then we went over cluster sampling (some good stuff). Then me shawn and jennifer went to chipotle to eat some lunch and work on HW. We worked on HW untill 5, the last hour of it back at my office. We got nothing done on it... we only had two problems left and we couldnt get them... so that was frustrating. At 5.15 i had dryland, which is getting easier everytime we do it. Now i am home again, and nicole is at class...

and i need a shower... ^_^

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