Thursday, April 10, 2008

My New Favorite Blog 2008, Round 6: Pairings 53-56

Lets get this going before I head off down to Tulsa to house hunt.

Upper Bracket
53. Who Said Life Wasn't Funny vs. I Have A Bomb Shelter And You Can't Use It
Elizabeth's not not funny life apparently has alot of babies, weddings and trips in it, but atleast she has big tree house to look forward too. She also has entered into the wild animal wrangling business ,this week she saves baby raccoons from the hot tub. Maybe she should get her own show. Limpy gets out of his bomb shelter and reviews Georgia, or as the locals call it "Sherman's hiway straight to victory". When I was on my trip through the south Georgia was the normalist state out of the bunch, but we did also spend most of our time in Atlanta. Limpy also has added cybog parts to his son, which has proved to be successful because his son got drafted pretty high in a baseball draft.
Winner: Who Said Life Wasn't Funny

54. Bug-Eyed Blog vs. Slapdashittery
Bug-Eyed Earl has all the fun. First he likes rye bred and wants to pick a fight with anyone who doesn't. I never pick fights. Then Earl goes out drinking with a lesbian friend and when they return home the lesbian friend made some moves on Earl's girlfriend. There are a lot of words in that last sentence that I don't have/do. But I have the last laugh because I know how to change my icon for my blog and he doesn't. Ha! <- last laugh. Ryan, that Slapdashher, has found god, and found him in his head. It turns out that the god that he found might not be the same god that others talk about. For instance Ryan's god divinely wrote the book of Helvetica, which warns people about gay babies. Winner: Bug-Eyed Blog

Second Chance Bracket
55. Quit Your Day Job vs. Present Simple
Lee (Quitting day jobs and taking names) notes that time can not heal all wounds, one such wound is being lowered into molten lead. I can't argue with that. He also ponders why Spider-Man is called "man" when we all know that he is just a boy that the time that he turns to Spider-Man. I blame the pressure that kids face with all the sex and violence that they see on TV. BadAunt (Present Simple) usually doesn't go for conspiracy theories, but she has invented her own. She thinks that gas companies make water heaters that can last forever, however they "break" after ten years so that they can make money. Also she has started teaching again and has been religated to backup for the purposes of teaching english. The good news, the number one person has no idea how to speak english. This should make for so good blog posts in the future.
Winner: Present Simple

56. vs. Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
In Slydes darker time he supplied his school with the white powder that all kids crave, sneezing powder. His rain of glory can to a crashing end though when the DEA got involved and put a stop to he sneeze inducing business. Steve is the living incarnation of the Beverly Hillbillies. In this episode he gets a riding low mower for free which obviously is crap and doesn't work. But that doesn't stop him from parading the non-working lawnmower in front of his house just to impress his neighbors. And impress them he did.
Winner: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog


Slyde said...

ouch! earl vs. liz! The 2 hottest chicks i know will now be locked in feirce, chickfighting combat.. meow!

B.E. Earl said...

That last catty comment from Slyde was a result of him being a loser on your blog.

Ryan Lawson said...

I'm shocked that I made it this far.

What is that, top 8?

Callie said...

Darn, Limpy lost.

elizabeth said...

Um... if Earl beats me he can't come in the treehouse. HE HAS BEEN WARNED.

limpy99 said...

A touch, a touch, I do confess it!

Badaunt said...

Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me), due to a slight mishap with the word 'class' (curse the English language! Why can't words take one meaning and stick to it?) I will NOT be backup to the loopy professor after this week. Or at least I will not be teaching in the same classroom. (I'm sure she considers me 'backup' anyway.)

Fortunately for you (but unfortunately for me) she will continue to be my boss, making my life uncomfortable and my teaching ineffective on a weekly basis.

Also, I have a few NEW conspiracy theories to worry about now, thanks to my ever-helpful commenters. Not pointing the finger at anyone, you understand.

B.E. Earl said...

I am now completely obsessed with having my favicon appear in the navigation bar, and I spent too long failing at it.

This sucks!