Tuesday, September 28, 2004

To get caught up....

Well i got up this morning and checked my email, and guess what, my prof cancelled class for today! joy! I will still have to go into school to work on my homework due for tommorow, but i should be in a pretty good mood for the rest of the day, no matter what happens. (I should always start my day off with a cancelled class). So I figured i will take my extra time and get cought up on the weekends events.

First thing: I saw Minority Report, it was very good. It was futureistic and had a good plot. It is worth buying for 12-15 bucks).

A side track: Yesterday while my linear models teacher writing down an assigment due on the same date as his own test, I had a thought. It was just after he got done writing the date which it was due (the same as the test) and i thought "p.s. i hate you." Now things that i think like that i usually think beacuse it would be funny to say outloud, but this was not something that would be funny to say out loud. So i thought to myself "thats not funny, why did i think that?", I could not get why my 'joke' would be funny.... then i realized something, my brain ment for my prof to be saying that, as in, he wrote on the board the date the homework was due and then wrote p.s. i hate you. under the date due. So then i chuckled to my self. Not because of the joke (although it would have been funny for him to do that), but because my brain thought of a joke, that i didn't get for a bit, i was even offended at myself (?!?) untill i figured out why it was funny.... in anycase lets hope my brain can comunicate with myself better... i guess unless i am telling myself jokes....

Ok im gonna take a break for a minute

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