Tuesday, September 28, 2004

4 Getting some shoes

Saturday started fine enough, i got up and got ready. And Jerry came over to pick me up. We went on over to the tux shop to get his shoes that they didnt order untill the night before (they siad they didnt know what size to order, so they didnt order any... oh yeah they also had the number 12... to be shoe and the number 12 give me all i need to know to get the shoes... oh well)
So we got to the tux place, who missed the shipment of the shoes cause UPS got there. So they had to track the UPS guy down and have him come back. Jerry was fumming all the time, while david, who was there to pick up the tux, was hitting on the receptionist. Well the shoes came, davids tux fit, and on our way out i thanked the receptionist for putting up with us. She siad "no problem" ^_^
We were then off to jerry parents house to eat some food (Hogg Wild (?) BBQ, which was VERY good), and get ready. Nothing too eventfull happend there, accept that everyone blamed me for not brining the camera to take pictures, when i didnt even know I was suppost to... >:(
They were blaming me i guess, but people were saying to other people "Do you have batteries for my camera, we need to take some pictures because shannon didnt bring his camera" It was frustrating, beacuse everyone knew i was suppost to bring a camera except for me. grrrrr.
But other than that i had a good time getting ready and eating. I talk to Jerry mom for a bit (more on her later).
So that was that... oh yeah all around town Jerry listened to Tek9, a rap group from KC... it was verry funny plaing the part of someone who listes to that kind of stuff. ^_^

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