Monday, April 30, 2007


In the wake of the great grading storm of Spring '07 there is a bit of clean-up that needs to be done. Specifically I need to write up my lecture notes for class today. So I am down at Radina's getting that together.

Here is an interesting story that I overheard (somewhat condensed):
Lady 1: So how was the wedding?
Lady 2: Oh it was nice, [some girl] got to be in it.
Lady 1: Is that so?
Lady 2: Yeah, see the church had a rule that flower girls had to be at least nine, and so she couldn't be a flower girl, so the instead they listed her as a bride's maid.
Lady 1: That is a stupid rule. So she stood up there with the wedding party?
Lady 2: Well no, she was being fussy and wouldn't go up. She went up there for a bit but she was just lifting her dress so her dad had her sit down.

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