Monday, April 02, 2007

Pants Volcano

How is the randomizer in your head doing? If it needs a tune up Pants Volcano will be able to get it back to thinking in completely random terms. The object of Pants Volcano is to collect stars by hitting them with a piece of broccoli. You bounce the piece of broccoli around by shooting it with objects coming from a volcano. You get to aim the volcano to shot the things at the broccoli, and then you fire the fish bones, bread, pants and whatever else from the volcano. You know what, just go check it out.

My high score is 6025. Beat that.


hockeyfrog said...

10862, third try. I figured out the secret. However the background at lvl 3 gives me a headache. Yikes!hoc

hockeyfrog said...

heh, where did that hoc come from? I actually do know :)

Ookami Snow said...


I must be better at games in the morning.