Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Territory War

Remember the game Worms? No, not that one, the other one, where they blow each other up. Well Territory War is alot like that one, but with less worms guts, and less weapons, but the same amount of death metal (there was death metal in Worms, right?) The objective in Territory War is to shoot, kick or blow up the opponent before he does it to you. Sounds simple right? Well it actually is, and it is funn too (ah the double n fun, a special designation). Clicky on over.


Think Frustrated said...

The hands-down best game at Armor Games has to be Chaos Faction, though. I'm wondering why you've never recommended it (or if you did, it may have been before I read your blog.)

Ookami Snow said...

Actually Chaos Faction is in the queue to be posted (in about 2 games). If you want to do a write up for it I'll let you have the introduction and I'll post it on my blog.