Friday, February 18, 2005

Smoking ban exiles smokers, prohibits a legal activity in public

Update 11.06.08 - I have a new post about this here. Be sure to check it out, basically we lost our freedom (not that I smoke) based on misusing studies.

Update 11.04.08
- It looks like they are at it again, please do not vote for a smoking ban in Manhattan. It is setting a president to ban things that we find "harmful" (the research on second hand smoke has both been faked and inconclusive) next up will be banning fat in Manhattan if this passes.


Kansas State Collegian (article)

I don't know what it is but there has been some better articles in the collegian lately.

Today they ran a for and agianst column for a ban on public smoking. Both sides presents the common ideas that go with their resons. And obvioussly (^_^) the argument against is a better one.

Here is the link to the article for a ban on smoking.
(Above is the link for the article against the ban.)

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