Friday, February 04, 2005

Super Bowl Party Food

Here is the solution to the getting food question. We bought food, and i will post what we got here. Then if you are gonna bring something, leave it in a comment, that way we know what everyone is brining. So This is what we got:

Stuff for the big sandwich
Super Bowl cookies
6 2L of Coke
1 2L of Sprite
2 bags of pretzel rods
1 bag of corn chips
1 bag of ruffled potato chips
1 bag of steak and worchester potato chips (^_^)
1 bag of mini carrots
1 head of cauliflower
Some broccoli
1 big thing of ranch dip
1 small thing of french onion dip
1 box of poppers
1 box of mini taquitos
1 bag of plastic cups

Things that we didn't get, or still need:
good cheese
chex mix <--- anybody know how to make this?
stuff for a cheese dip (like queso dip...)
more soda types
possibly more corn chips
more fun things

So if you can fill the holes on our list, or have something else that you are going to bring, do it and leave a comment here. Thanks.

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The Math Ninja said...

skittles need to be brought also.