Friday, February 04, 2005

Today, tomorrow, and the next day

Today has gone fine so far. I woke up went to class, worked on my homework, got bored at school and came home. Nicole got home around 6, at 7 we took a nap until 8. Then we went to eat at Chili's and shop for Super Bowl food. Now we are home.

Tomorrow we have to leave by 6 so we can get to St.L with enough time to eat at Panera before our hockey games. I know we are playing UMSL tomorrow, so that will be a difficult game. On Sunday we play our game at 8, so we should be on the road by 9.30 and we should get back here around 3, so after a bit of showers we should be able to be at aarons by 4 at the latest, which will give us just enough time to get things set up.

Needless to say, posting here will not happen for the next couple of days.

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