Monday, February 07, 2005


Actually, today isn't too bad. I have to go take a test in Experimental design, which isn't *that* bad, and then I have most of the day off until hockey practice. Also, Nicole has the day off of school, so she will be able to get some things done... hopefully some of them will be fun things.

This weekend went fine. UMSL kicked our butts, and we don't like them. In the second game on Saturday,we played Truman. We played them very well (by the end of the first period it was 2 to 0 Truman, as opposed to our normal 7-0 deficit we have going into the second period normally). But, we just can not get any good bounces, and we ended up losing the game 11-1.
For dinner than night, we ate at Red Lobster, and man it was alot of food, very good though. :)
Our game yesterday was at 8am and Western Illinois did not show up... :P So we scrimmaged ourselves, it was fun, but I would have liked to play western. After the game we headed out and were on the road by 9.30. We got back to Manhattan by 3, and we got everything gathered up and over to Aaron's by 4.00.

The Super Bowl party was fun. The people there were: me, nicole, jenette, chris, aaron, and lance. Newgen and amber didn't make it :( . But that is ok. The game was good, the eagles had a chance to pull out a drive at the end to tie or win, but Donnivan McNabb was doing pretty bad by then, and the Eagles were terrible with their clock management. Overall I enjoyed the game, as I was going for the Pats...
we have so many cookies leftover ^_^.

Ok, I'm going to go load the pics up now... I'll post them when i get back from my test.

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