Friday, May 09, 2008

My kind of lesson

Instead of all the babying that we do with our children these days we should teach them more lessons like so:

Little Kid vs Tuba Player - Watch more free videos

I am guessing that is the last time that kids just goes wherever he pleases.



B.E. Earl said...

The only time the tuba player loses is at the end of a Cal/Stanford football game. ;)

Think Frustrated said...

Yes. Funny, but mean. Also, that kid's parents are a$$holes for not watching him. People just let their kids do whatever they want these days. It kills me.

elizabeth said...

I should send that to the people across the street ;-)

Ookami Snow said...

earl: Or in a fist fight with Chuck Norris.

think: I don't think it is mean... I think the tuba player has the right-of-way to the air space ahead of him when in formation... I might need to check my codes and regulations book though to be sure.

elizabeth: do they play the tuba? :)

elizabeth said...


Irene said...

That's great. Kid obviously knew he was doing something wrong by the way he hesitated then ran. Brat! Though I hope he didnt get hurt, I'm glad the tuba player taught him a lesson. And yes, his parents shld be tripped too.