Monday, May 19, 2008

Famous House

About a year ago I talked about a video that a professor from K-State made that was very popular on the internet. (I posted it below if you haven't seen it yet)

Well guess what I found out this weekend. The house Jenette and Chris just bought (the one I am living in right now) was Dr. Wesch's and he lived in it when he made the video. How sweet is that? We have some of his mail that we need to take to him, maybe I could get an autograph or something.

p.s. I believe that the winner of the My Favorite New Blog 2008 contest will be announced tomorrow, if you haven't got your vote in yet do it now!

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Think Frustrated said...

I really like how at the end he says that we need to rethink ideas like copyright and ethics. Most people think that we need to apply the old way we thought of these concepts to such a new arena, but he is totally correct that we need to re-think them. Instead of trying to jam these conceps into our current definitions, we need to create new definitions. Most people are so afraid of that, but it's the only solution/way forward.

Very cool.