Monday, January 10, 2005

Foaming soap always does the trick.

Today has been a long one. I got to my office by 7 and started work on getting all of the section one notes done for my DCE class, by 10.30 i had got them all printed and off to the copy center. Luckily this was the time when the sign up sheet for help lab was available and i got the prime time of 11.30 on Friday in room 206. Usually no one comes into the computer lab unless a report is due soon, so this will give me some nice down time at the end of the week. After signing up i headed on over to Radina's for some chai and some Necromunda writing. After a good stay i picked up an Italiannight club from Jimmy John's and headed back to my office to eat lunch. By the time I got done eating and talking to lance it was 2.30 and time for my GTA meeting, which didn't last long. After that i headed to my office to blow off two hours until the DCE class started. This was easily accomplished with Lance in the room. The first day of my class went well (i think the talk of foaming soap is what did it ^_^) And it didn't take to long to get everything done. Only 14 out of 29 showed up today, which isn't that surprising, so i will prob. have to go over my syllabusagain on Wed. But i will scare those that didn't show up today with a quiz >:) . After class Panera was in order, we all had a good eat, and then I came home.

Tomorrow is still part of xmas break so it is off (today was as well....). So that means i can do fun things, like sleep. OK time for some tea.

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