Friday, January 21, 2005

Fair And Balanced

Oliver Willis (blargticle / vid)

*first off, when i say bad things about any one group, say them dems, I don't mean for it to be taken personally, it is a criticism toward the extremists in that group. I have many friends from different political backgrounds. And I like them all...*


Are they done yet?

Are the freaking democrats done pissing and moaning about anything Bush related? Really, no one cares anymore. no one. Your got 5% of the population complaining about things that they don’t even have the proper information about. But that is ok, because the *media* is oppressing them. And what the heck let’s throw on an “if you belive Bush you’re a robot”.

But what about the $40 million going to Bush parties instead of the military, they say? The guests are paying for the party, not the government. If he can get people to spent $500 million on parties go ahead, we do live in a free country.

I am tired of the dems saying that everything sucks, when it doesn't. They are sneaky, liars, that forgot why Clintion got in trouble (a side note from the collegian today).

With that said, go visit this site to see what they have to say. Why? Because if you do not keep up with the other side, you will not have good reasons to say why it’s wrong.

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