Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Iraq vote is making me sick this morning

Democratic Underground Forums (forum)

The radical democrats are going to far with their complaining? Never....

Read the post... I thought it was somebody being ironic, but even if he is, everyone else is agreeing with him. ...sigh

I'll get some pics posted here in a bit from this weekend.


Braveharte said...

Wow they are utterly ridiculous. People like that scare me as much as the conservatives. :) I'm not sure that the elections are going to help the Iraqis but I hope to God that they do. I disagree with the war and our reasons for going to war (or lack there of). I especially disagree with our notions that we have the right to dictate what's right for another country. Does that mean nothing good can come of the war? No. I hope that much good will come... we have to hope it will or else all those people died for no reason. If we really cared at all for the Iraqi people, we could have done a lot of things differently though. First of all we could have not placed sanctions on them for so many years which caused thousands of children to die each year. We could have not bombed residential areas in our "shock and awe" campaign. We could have helped other countries that are facing worse conditions and more tyranny and death (e.g. Rwanda and Sudan). I still believe that it's all about the oil, because I don't believe that Bush gives a shit about Iraqi freedom. Nonetheless it may result in better conditions for the Iraqis.

Ookami Snow said...

I think we as a country would like to spread freedom as far as possible, because at the least it makes more friendly countries.

But, yes this whole thing could have been handled better. If we weren’t worried about making other countries mad at us, during the first gulf war we should have killed Saddam and declared it a democracy... but alas, we needed or dictator arab ‘friends’, so we couldn't have made things right in the first place. Oh well, hopefully everything will turn out better in the end.