Thursday, January 13, 2005

its very cold outside

sunny, but cold.

So i went to Yang's class thins morning, it had a total of 6 people in it... up from 2 from last year. So i was gonna feel bad about dropping it, but then he said there were no tests and only 8-10 homeworks... so i think i'm gonna end up taking that and Higgin's class. So,that means the two useful classes (Tebb's and Dubnicka's) will be dropped. Thats ok cause i should have a pretty easy semesterand the class times are good cause they make me get up in the morning and give me an nice afternoon break at home. That is the break I am on right now.

I don't think i have any other news at the moment... it looks like we are gonna go to Garden this weekend to be with Nicoles mom after her surgery. I guess that was news, but no more starting now.

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