Sunday, January 23, 2005


Well I'm back.

Had a good time this weekend, skated around alot, won a total of zero games, and got to eat some good food from macaroni grill. Hockey went fine,and we played pretty good, but we were playing most of the best teams in the league... so we lost all of our games. Well, I guess we played western Illinois who isn't that good of a team, but we still managed to lose ^_^. Nate is getting better every tourney, and mike did pretty good when he tried. Other than that, everyone improved as expected.

Football went ok. The Eagles won, which i guess they deserve, and the Patriots won. Neither game was that good... although I only listened to the Falcons game on the radio. On a side note: hockey on super bowl day is scheduled for us at 8am, so we should make it back home by 3 or 4, with just enough time to set up a Super Bowl party (yay).

other news.... ...nope


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