Wednesday, January 12, 2005

PIFF 2004 All-Stars

Here are the All-Star teams for the 2004 Pirate Island Fantasy Football League. I'm gonna email this, along with the directions for keeping your players for next year. But, I thought it would be fun to post it.

First Team
QB Manning (292) TeaRepublic
RB Alexander (130) Ambersandia
TE Gates (56) Scotslandi
WR1 Muhammad (67) HatborCoast
WR2 Horn (64) Ambersandia
WR3 Bennett (61) Ambersandia
K Vinatieri (93) Snotvia
DEF Baltimore (125) Kreplachistan
DB Reed (43) HarborCoast
DL1 Williams (42) Kreplachistan
DL2 Taylor (34) HarborCoast
Coached By: HarborCoast

Second Team
QB Culpepper (170) HarborCoast
RB Tomlinson (130) Kreplachistan
TE Gonzalez (46) Tsukestan
WR1 Harrison (59) Snotvia
WR2 Owens (58) Kreplachistan
WR3 Wayne (57) Futontopia
K Stover (76) Ambersandia
DEF Pittsburg (116) SparrowIsland
DB Barber (36) Scotslandi
DL1 Grant (31) Scotslandi
DL2 Hall (30) Snotvia
Coached By: Kreplachistan

Worst Team
QB Brooks (45) Ambersandia
RB Portis (48) Svinksland
TE Putzier (13) Futontopia
WR1 Gardner (24) TeaRepublic
WR2 Johnson (27) TeaRepublic
WR3 Lewis (27) Tsukestan
K Hall (14) Svinksland
DEF Cleveland (5) Snotvia
DB Bailey (15) Futontopia
DL1 Lewis (10) Futontopia
DL2 Haggans (14) SparrowIsland
Coached By: Svinksland

The First and Second teams are based off the scores of the best player a team has in that position. The worst team is still the best player a team has in that position, but the worst at it in the league. The Coaches we picked by the number of players they had on the first and second teams, and not on the worst team (with some weighting added in).
As you can see I did not have a good team outside of Manning, but he was good enough to keep me winning games.

I am already looking forward to next season. ^_^

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