Monday, January 17, 2005

Is this spam?

Hey cool site man, you gotta check this guys site out. He is up your ally.

By Arvada Mike, at 2:07 PM

(this is the one comment from the post below)

Now, if the person took time to read through my site, and then suggested this one, then fine, I can live with it. But, if heis just going through everyone who listed NFL as a like, and then just posted this without reading, then I think it is spam.

Now, i went on over to his site to see what it was, cause i was curious to see if this was spam. And this is what i found: 1) In comments on his page many people are thanking him for the nice comments from him... :p 2) In his comment here he says to check these guys out, yet he is on the web site many times. So I doubt he wants me to go there for pure reasons.

I donno whaddya think?

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