Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Long long long day

Today was long. I got to school at 7 and read some newspapers and prepared for my DCE class. Then i went to Design of experiments... which wasn't that bad. After that, i talked to lance for a bit then headed off to the union to find some lunch. No luck, i ended up with a crapily made subway sandwich, that didn't taste too good. I got back to my office just in time to head off to Digital Statistics. I didn't think i was going to take the class, but at least after the first day it seems pretty fun. We are going to be learning how to do some useful stuff on SPlus, such as simulation studies. After that class i dorked around in the office some more, until it was time for Tebbs clinical trials class. The concept of the class is good, and if it wasn't for a grade i would take it, but i think the grading is going to be too hard, and right now i dont feel like taking a hard class. So right after Tebbs class i had to go teach my DCE class. That was a real hoot. Everyone showed up this time, so i had to go over the syllabus again. After the beggingof class the rest of the period went fine (i went till 8.05, which is almost the allotted3hrs). So after teaching me cole nette and chris headed off to cox, but they lied about their hours, and so they werent actually open... so we ate dinner at chili's... it was ok. And then i came home, and here i am now.

Here is a fun fact. Guess how much money it takes for a drug to go from conception to production. higher, higher, higher, give up? 10 billion dollars ($10,000,000,000). Think about that. Is it possible that they can even make that money back? It's no wonder they charge so much for their drugs they develop. Also, the pharmaceuticals companies are the second leading hirers of statisticians next to the government. Me? I'll go work at GCCC. ^_^

Well i posted once today by the 'post by email' function. It was the first time i had tried it, and well it didn't get bounced... but the post isn't here... so i have no idea what happened to it.

ok i am gonna do something else now... it'll probably involve tea... and maybe my Gangs of New York book.

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