Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I don't like when something new doesn't work as good as something old. Take for instance w.bloggar. It was working great, but v4 just came out, and it sucks... as in, it will not post to blogger for me, which is it's job. I wouldn't have even cared to get the new version, but it would not open my v3 because there was a new version... grumble.

The one test with flickr didn't go well, but it was from Lances computer, which might have been the cause. If it will notpost words correctly it will not be the program that i use for publishing pics. I have actually found out that Hello can be used without Picasa, so we might give that a try before i go d/l a whole bunch of new programs.

Also, in the realm of new computer programs not working. IE has a big security flaw this time, as in, they say to turn off the cut & paste function. (yeah, right). So, i will give FireFox a shot, and will prob.use it or another program for most browsing until IE is fixed. (no IE never being fixed jokes.)

So today has seen a high toll on software, hopefully it won't be too bad in the end....

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