Monday, January 31, 2005

Shrinking glaciers evidence of global warming

Differences seen by looking at photos from 100 years ago (article)

This is an article from a SF paper. In it they claim that these pics are proof that there is global warming. So if collecting data and analyzing data can't prove something, just show some pics... sounds great...

my favorite line from the article is: '"You don't need science to prove the point," said Matt Nolan of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. "This evidence is visual, and it's real."'

Think about a trip home from a magic show... "Did you see that lady turn into a tiger!!! man that was great, but i bet her parents are mad. whaddya mean its magic? I saw it, she turned into a tiger, I saw it, what i see must be what happens..."

That may sound absurd, but in science they do that kind of conclusions all the time. That’s why we need statistics, to tell us what is going on with our data.... sigh... when i get into the real world, there is gonna be so much stuff for me to fix. ^_^

(side note: I think most scientists are now agreeing that there is global warming, but most blame it on natural causes. I too am in that camp, although I have not seen any data to sway me into thinking that there even is global warming...)

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