Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ice of many forms

that is what the ground is covered with; sleet, snowish stuff, and just plain ice. it is kinda fun. And one plus: Nicole gets off of school tomorrow cause of it.

The only real event for today was heading on down to ye old BW3 to watch the orange bowl and play some trivia... which turned out to be QB1. A good time was had by all there ('cept the OU fans...) I ended up getting first in QB1 but its not that impressive since most everyone left by the fourth quarter. Nicole ended up second, and she did very well throughout the night. ^_^

I started working on class stuff by replying to emails from my potential students that have been in my mail box for the last couple 'o weeks. I was gonna write up el syllabus tomorrow, but i think ill have a snow day for myself (yay! ^_^). Ok, time for me to roam the net fer links.


hockeyfrog said...

By the time I got home from BW3s KSU had cancelled classes. I am so sleeping in tomorrow. I just hope Aaron makes it home alright (he called about.. 10 mins ago.. said he was going about 5 mph around exit 348... stuck behind plows that weren't doing anything)... probably will be home in an hour or so. So yeah, I'm sleeping in. I don't care :D

Ookami Snow said...

yay! that really means i don't have to work on school stuff tomorrow. (Not that i was going to school to do it, but...)

Yeah, i if aaron is going 5mph it'll only take him 8 hours to get home from mile marker 348. I HATE driving on bad roads.