Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Denver log

Oi vey, I have had alot of things to do for the last two days.

The P(last weekend=fine|circumstances)=1.00 . *Ha Ha stat joke*

The main points from the Denver trip are:
-Car broke down in Abilene, and we put a new battery in it.
-Car broke down outside of Hays, and Amber and her mom rescued us.
-Got the car fixed by Five Star Auto in Hays, Kansas (link bait)
-Car broke down in Colby because Five Stay Auto from Hays, Kansas doesn't know what they are doing and are bad (a crappy car service place).
-Denny from Denny's Auto Repair in Colby, Kansas gets the car.
-The hockey team comes to rescue us.
-We play hockey at the Bladium and go 1-3, with game scores of 5-6, 0-8, 6-3, 2-4. We beat one of the CU teams. Overall we played very well for our first weekend out.
-We ate dinner with all my family from the Denver area.
-My dad drove us back to Colby to pick up the car.
-Denny (From Denny's Auto Repair of Colby Kansas (67701)) is the man and fixes our car for real.
-We make it home.

If you want to see some pics of the adventure check out Nicole's blog.
If we want to see our adventures in comic book form check out Chris' blog.

If your car breaks down in Hays don't go to Five Star Auto.
If your car breaks down in Colby go to Denny's Auto Repair.

Ah the power of page rank.


hockeyfrog said...

Maybe they should be "We Don't Have 5 Stars Auto"?

The Math Ninja said...

ha. how true.

Ookami Snow said...

yes, that should be their name.

Big Red Lance said...

Wow, you must've hit up every county seat between Manhattan and the CO Border.

Hey, look at it this way, you got an up-close look at I-70 Kansas -- America's most exciting corridor!!