Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Taste Experiment

On the way out to Colorado we stopped by a Presto were we found these two new products. Pepsi is making a new version of its soda called Summer Mix. The soda tasted like normal Pepsi with a bag a skittles dumped in it. It actually wasn’t too bad at first, but it got old after most of the bottle was gone. It is worth a shot if you like the idea of skittles in your soda.
The other taste experiment is from Doritos. They made a new flavor of the chips called X-13D. The game is that we taste the chips and then go to their website to name it. Well we all agreed that the flavor was not good, some think it is honey onion mustard pretzel flavor, but I really think it is hamburger flavor. I didn’t enter my flavor choice on Doritos, but I am sure that I would win with the name of “Dehydrated Hamburger”.


Think Frustrated said...

Is that bag of Doritos Robotic? Does it eat the chips for you. I've honestly never heard of them.

Also, the summer mix, is that just something full of basketball sweat?

Shanshu said...


Hmmm. That's odd. Is that photo shop or does Doritos have a new techy-chip?

Think Frustrated said...

I like "Dehydrated Hamburger." Or, "Pairs Great With Pepsi and Skittles."