Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vis a vis Visa

Most of the internet is filled with rants of various companies. So I will try to balance out the blogging karma by posting a rave. This one goes out to you Visa.

One of the companies that makes my life so much easier is Visa. I carry almost no money or checks on me when I go out, and almost all of my purchases go through my Visa card. I deal alot with Visa and I have never have had a bad experience, in fact when I deal with Visa I am always happy with their service. Here is my most recent episode:

The company that I had my old Visa card (yes, I only have one credit card) switched abruptly to American Express, so I only had a month or so to get a new card. After searching online we found an Amazon Visa card that automatically sends us Amazon gift certificates when we get so many points (we get about 1% back). Well the credit line on the card was rather low, and we went over the credit limit a couple times. After the second time I called up Visa to figure out what I could do. I don't really want to pay a fee every month... and it's not like we don't pay it off, it just had too low of a credit line.

I called them up, and only had to sit through one voice prompt before I got in touch with a person. When I talked to the service person I asked if I raise my credit limit to almost twice the current limit. He said sure as long as he could run a credit check, which I OKed. After about 10 seconds I got a new credit line, along with a verbal warning that stated that a higher credit limit does not mean that I actually have more money. When he asked if there was anything else he could do, I asked if I could get the over the credit limit fee waved and he said no problem. Now that is a good company.

I am sure the experience depends on what company you get the Visa from, but my old card also had very good service too. Also I don't try to take advantage of Visa either, I am sure that if I always tried to get freebies they would become a little bit less friendly.

But for me Visa is one grade A company.

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Big Red Lance said...

That's awesome that you like your credit card. I got a Travelocity mastercard, and I love it. I get about 1.4% back.