Friday, September 14, 2007

50 things

Things that overall make America worse off:

1. The stock market
2. Sue happy Lawyers
3. Medical insurance (as it is currently)
4. Misguided copyright laws
5. Roundabouts
6. MTV/Nickelodeon
7. McDonald's
8. Sugar substatutes
9. "Mandatory" college
10. Treating teens like children
11. Starbucks
12. Political Correctness
13. Two party politics
14. Patriot Act
15. AOL
16. Get rich quick schemes
17. Apathy
18. Over protective parents
19. Age requirements for drinking
20. Anti-smoking laws (in private places)
21. Knee-Jerk Politics
22. Over medication
23. Conventional strip malls
24. Bad produce
25. Begging for money
26. Income tax
27. "Sin" tax
28. Rental stores
29. Car dealerships (the wheeling and dealing kind)
30. Pawn shops
31. Cold call telemarketers
32. People that don't know statistics doing statistics
33. People that don't take responsibility for their own actions
34. Hotdogs
35. Diets
36. Government Marriage Laws
37. Incentives for failure (Welfare for one)
38. Lobbyists
39. 24 hour news
40. MSG
41. Rebate sales
42. Outsourcing
43. Ignorance
44. Teaching for memorization not for comprehension
45. Restricting play during recess
46. Closed lunch at High school
47. College classes that require attendance
48. The RIAA
49. People that take sports too seriously
50. Lack of pride of America


Tuba Queen said...

Most of them I agree. Some of them not sure which side of the subject your dont agree with.

Think Frustrated said...

I disagree with a few, but am way way way in agreement with the fake-sugar. That stuff was developed such a long time ago, but they didn't release it becuase it used to kill lab rats (albeit in huge quantities). Then, they just let us eat that crap.

Braveharte said...

Some days your world seems so black and white while mine is all shades of gray.

Shanshu said...

I'm pretty sure that without the stock market, everything would collapse. At least, that's what my Econ and Financial Mgmt teachers said.

#43 is my favorite.