Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chronicles of what?

Whenever I hear a sequel is being made to a movie I like I have two reactions; I get very excited to have the chance to see more of a story that I liked, but then I remember that very rarely am I happy with the way things turn out in the follow-up movie.

For example: remember how awesome the Matrix was... remember how much the sequels killed the movies? It also happened with 28 Days later, Underworld, and Battlefield Earth. All good movies that have their prestige tarnished because of sucky sequels. (Just kidding about that Battlefield Earth bit, they took five bad sequels rolled them into one movie and called it Xenu.)

However there are some movies that the sequels make all the difference in how much I like them: The Mummy series, the Back to the Future series, and Star Wars. All three are examples of movies that had great first movies but were made legendary because of the ones that followed. (Well the Mummy Returns helped The Mummy, I think the series is trying it's darnedest to disown the terrible move Scorpion King.)

So here we stand. The Chronicles of Narnia is in my top 20 all time favorite movies, and I would love to see another story set in its world, but I fear the reaper of suck. The only way to ward off that guy is to check the trailer:

So will the Caspian Prince be a worthy sequel to Narinia?


Michelle said...

I don't see how they could mess this up. It's already a good story, so... I think it looks like a winner.

Think Frustrated said...

It's probably going to still be good. Kind of like how people like the Harry Potters. I've never really seen them.

However, you left off XXX. Those movies only got better with time, and with Ice Cube.

Ookami Snow said...

Michelle: It really seemed like they couldn't screw up the Matrix, but they found a way to take an awesome story and just make it eh.

Think: I never saw the Harry Potter movies or XXX, I will take your word that Ice Cube made XXX better.