Monday, June 09, 2008

If The Truck's A-Rockin'

Well all of our stuff is down in Tulsa now, but we are missing a couple of necessary things, like cable TV, the internet, washer and dryer, and a refrigerator... most of those will be solved by this weekend. Hopefully.

The move down was about as least fun as possible. We had to skirt storms all the way down which had very high winds. The truck rocked side to side so much that it "bottomed out" twice and I had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid from tipping over. By the time we pulled into Wichita (the halfway point) the tornado sirens were going off and we got to spend a couple minutes in a basement while we decided where we wanted to eat dinner.

But besides trying to figure things out in a new city without the internet (how did people survive ten years ago?) The rest of the weekend in Tulsa was good. Now were are in Manhattan so that Nicole can defend her master's report on Tuesday. Then it is back down to Tulsa "for good" so that we can be there for the fridge delivery on Wednesday. Then to start the new job on Monday.

This is what it felt like driving the truck, but with more rocking back and forth... and going about 60-70mph. (My tires never left the pavement.)


elizabeth said...

Is this actually you guys? YIKES.

elizabeth said...

But seriously, hope your moving gets sorted out soon!

Ookami Snow said...

Moving is done, now time for workin.