Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have to say that the most successful recent mission that the NASA has undertaken in terms of PR is the Phoenix Mars Lander. Besides the amazing discovery of actual water ice on Mars, the Lander had a twitter account with a following of almost 39,000 people. It was enjoyable to get up to the minute results from the Phoenix Lander as it happened on my phone, and it was very sad when recently the Lander sent out it's final goodbyes thanking everyone for their support.

Gizmodo has the final words from the Phoenix Mars Lander.

If you are reading this, then my mission is probably over.

This final entry is one that I asked be posted after my mission team announces they’ve lost contact with me. Today is that day and I must say good-bye, but I do it in triumph and not in grief.

As I’ve said before, there’s no other place I’d rather be than here. My mission lasted five months instead of three, and I’m content knowing that I worked hard and accomplished great things during that time. My work here is done, but I leave behind a legacy of images and data.

In that sense, you haven’t heard the end of me. Scientists will be releasing findings based on my data for months, possibly years, to come and today’s children will read of my discoveries in their textbooks. Engineers will use my experience during landing and surface operations to aid in designing future robotic missions.

(read the full note here)

I am glad that NASA has stepped up and used new technology that is freely available to increase the awareness of the projects that they are doing. This keeps interest in space exploration up and it also lets us know that the money we are spending on the projects are actually going to something useful. I will miss my daily tweets from the Phoenix Lander, and maybe when Martian summer rolls around in 2010 the Phoenix will have more updates to give us.

(There are some more NASA missions on Twitter: The Cassini Space Probe, The Mars Rovers, and The Mars Science Lab which will be launched in the fall of 2009)


Tamara said...

What a cool idea ;-)

Ookami Snow said...

Obama also used twitter to keep his supporters informed during the election. Since I wasn't an Obama supporter I didn't sign up, but I have now, hoping that when he becomes the president he will keep updating it with the stuff that he is working on as his term goes.

The idea of twitter is powerful, and we have only to begin to see its usefulness.

Anonymous said...

i don't know you but i think i like you. i don't like the word blog either, i see you were not an obama supporter (and i still like you).

i shall always think of you as the one who finally let me know what's really been going on all these years.

party on, and long live m & m's....

Ookami Snow said...

Well thank you, I don't think I have done anything to earn this high praise, but I'll take it. :)