Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sports Dynasties

Some questions that I have when thinking about what makes a dynasty in sports.

1. Can there be more than one dynasty at a time?

2. How important is the regular season, how important is the playoffs?

3. You can't just look at one year at a time, so how many years do we look at?

4. Is winning the championship the only quality that makes a dynasty?

5. Can a dynasty last for only one season? (This question is somewhat related to the first question since only allowing one dynasty at a time means that some dynasties will get clipped to a very short time frame.)

I will give my answers soon to these questions when I think about them a bit more.

Sidenote: Is there anything that Obama can't do?


The Math Ninja said...

First, the video is entertaining.

1. No, I don't think you can have more than one dynasty at a time. A dynasty team should be better than everyone. Not everyone, but that one team that was also really really good.

2. Playoffs are more important. Especially making it to the Super Bowl. People don't remember who almost won the AFC/NFC Championship games.

3. I think 5 years, but that is just my feelings. 4 seems to short, but 6 is pretty long. However, if you're good for 6 years, you've probably got it.

4. I don't think winning the championship is the only quality, but I do think it is the most important.

5. One season is not good. The Super Bowl is made to decide that. You need to look over time.

B.E. Earl said...

1 - One dynasty per sport per period.

2 - The regular season and the playoffs are important, but ultimately it is championships that matter for a dynasty. If they miss the playoffs in between it doesn't matter as long as they are champions once again.

3 - 5 or 6 years or longer.

4 - Yes.

5 - No.

Miss Mountaineer and Mr. Husker said...

1. Yes, you can have more than one dynasty per period. Prime Example: Boston Celtics and LA Lakers in the 1980's. Two teams, different divisions taking turns winning championships. Both were in dynasties.

2. Championships matter more than regular season, ultimately. People (regrettably) forget about teams that had good regular seasons. Case in point: 1998 Minnesota Vikings.

3. Three championships in four years qualifies as a dynasty. 75%+ winning percentage and one championship (example: 1982-1987 Chicago Bears) might qualify you, also.

4. Championships are the most important.

5. No, you have to have sustained success over a long period of time. One-hit wonders are not dynasties.