Friday, March 06, 2009

"Hello Lance"

I have been requested to explain why I have a shirt that says "Hello Lance" on it, so that I shall do. It all began when they built a Hobby Lobby in Manhattan back when I was going to grad school. We were walking around and noticed that you could buy blank t-shirts and iron on letters for a good price. So we bought a couple of shirts and a couple sets of iron on letters.

Then came the hard part -thinking of something to actually write on the shirts. Nicole decided upon a shirt that said "Snotvia" in homage of her homeland. Jenette made a "Nani?" shirt, and Chris made his that said "Don't be a wanker". I thought about mine for a bit and went for "Chinastronaut". However after I made it I realized that there were a few people in the Stat. Dept. from China that might not like the idea that I was aspiring to be an astronaut from China, also, I didn't want to have to explain my obviously funny t-shirt to them. So I had to make another t-shirt.

I pondered over another shirt for a bit and thought that it would be funny to make a shirt that says hello to somebody, and the best person that I could have thought of was my K-State office buddy Lance. So I made a shirt that would greet him every time he saw it. "Hello Lance" was thus decided upon.

I wore the shirt a couple times at K-State and then it got packed up when I needed space in my apartment closet. I had forgotten all about it until I looked through my old boxed clothes and ever since it has been back in my regular t-shirt rotation.

I think I still have all the stuff to make two more shirts... I need to get on that.


The Gare Bear said...

How about "Obama Saves" or "Fund a First Dog Today"

Maybe "Good Bye Iraq -- Hello Afghanistan"

You could do one that the environmentalists in the Colorado Roan Plateau area would just love but would probably get you whacked in Tulsa: Drillers Suck!

How bout one that could go both ways with corn farmers in the midwest: "My Ethanol Won't Renew"" or something along those lines.

Here's one that has very real implications following that collision in space between the two satellites "Ablative Cascade" or is it "Ablation Cascade". Look up the proper term. If you don't know what it is, you'll find it to be quite informative and ominous.

Try this: "What's a Republican?" or "Closet Libertarian".

Maybe "My Other Half is a Nicole" would work. Maybe "Son of Gare Bear".

How about "President and First Lady Rice"

It's hard isn't it. Most of what I can think of is stupid stuff and sarcastic. Witty would be better.

Ookami Snow said...
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Slyde said...

"hello slyde" would work...

just sayin'

Michelle said...

I want to make a shirt when I'm there!

piglet said...

that is the best shirt ever in the history of shirts.

Irene said...

how about 'Shanole' (shannon & Nicole) or 'Shancole' or 'Shannikki'