Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I think this is the definition of a good parent:

Update: Good job MLB for taking that video down, I would use your official video of it (I even like the commentary better) but I can't embed it on my blog.

Update2: No thanks to MLB it is up again. I agree with alot of others around the nets that the MLB is hugely stupid in clamping down on this clip. They did a good job of turning a great clip into a black eye for themselves.


The Math Ninja said...

That's pretty cute.

Slyde said...

isnt this just a great vid? this family has been all over tv and talk shows this week..

Irene said...

That is adorable.

Callie said...

I saw them on a talkshow a few days ago, and they seemed totally bemused by the attention they've been getting over this. They even got jersies and a ball signed by the guy who fouled it in the first place, and they were like, "Gee. Thanks."

But that video is TOTALLY cute!

Anonymous said...

that's great, the dad gets big props for not freaking out ;)