Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State Song

When I was growing up my Grandpa has a tape of a song that had all the states in it. We listened to it alot and I even think some of the girls got some money if they memorized the song.

The song he had was very close to this one form the Animaniacs except this one is states and their capitols:


Dan and Tara said...

Good times! It's the same tune - just with the capitals. The other song goes through the states twice (the second time double time!)

Anonymous said...

that's awesome (your grandpa and the song)!

Nej said...

I remember watching that when the cartoon first aired. Now, for some reason, I feel the need to actually learn that song.

Hmmmmm....we're road-tripping to Kentucky this weekend...maybe my car mates will want to learn it with me??


Probably not. :-)

Michelle said...

That is pretty funny that it's even the same tune. Crazy crap, those animaniacs. And Grandpa.