Tuesday, November 03, 2009

And He Said "Let there be couch"

So it was. And they sat. And it was good.

This weekend Nicole and I finally joined the 16th Century and got ourselves a couch. But this isn't just any old couch, it is a Jigsaw Puzzle Couch, and as you can see from the picture it is quite awesome.

Many thanks to Daily Piglet for her review of the couch over on her blog. (The review is actually how I found out about her blog.)

Now we just need to get a TV so that we have some reason to sit on this couch.


piglet said...


i am so happy that you guys got it finally! it's a magic couch, treat it well :)

it looks beautimous.

Slyde said...

that is an awsome couch!

it looks very comfortable.

now im jealous!

white rabbit said...

It's a jigsaw couch???


Nej said...

That couch screams "rent 7 movies, order in pizza, and settle in". :-)

If I bring my tv over, can I sit on it?? :-)

Tuba Queen said...

I can't wait to sit on it!! WOO HOO!