Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can I get a Witness?

I was going to write a post about creativity and wit being something that make humans unique. But while putting it off because I didn’t know how to address it I was luckily saved by something else I did. [But on the topic of wit. 1) It is something I just don’t think that robots will be able to learn how to do, I think true wit comes from making new ideas, not just searching through patterns in old ideas. 2) Likewise if a person is not capable of creativity or wit what good are they beyond a complex robot? OK, on with the more compelling post.]

At work I have a myriad of little “toys” that I play with while thinking about things or reading emails. They are things like push pins, bent paperclips, pencils to tap, and the like. I usually have these objects strewn all over my desk so at any time I need it I have one ready.

Today I went to Sonic for lunch, but it wasn’t just any time at Sonic, I went during Happy Hour (2-4 pm). So during lunch I got a half price Route 44 cranberry iced tea (light on the ice). I enjoyed the tea immensely while I ate my Sonic burger and medium onion rings (dipped in ketchup with salt). Everything was going swimmingly. And you know, since today has been a good day I thought I might extend the Happy Hour joy into my work hours, so I went crazy and got a (half price) 44oz strawberry lime slush to drink at work.

Back at work my plan was going fine. I had some emails to answer and a 44oz slush to hold me over. Nothing could go wrong. Well that is unless when I go to set down my slush I placed, no –merely grazed, the bottom of the cup on one of my “point sticking up” push pins. Queue a slush stream to come rushing out of the bottom of my cup. Slush was going everywhere! Not knowing what to do I set down my cup to assess the situation. Here’s how it looked: One cup with 42oz of slush in it. Said cup had a hole in the bottom of it. Holding the cup up made a stream of slush to come out of it, but currently the cup is heavy enough to not allow the slush to come out from it, but since the hole was not on the edge of the cup I knew there was a pool of slush already waiting for me under the cup.

Solution: Chew one piece of gum until all the flavor and things that make it extra squishy are gone. Then quickly pick up the cup, note the large area of slush under the cup that was set free when I lifted the cup, lick the area around the pin hole clean, and then quickly place the gum on the bottom of the cup and then set it down on a post-it note so that I don’t gum my cup to my desk. Result: 40oz of drinkable slush, the gum on the bottom of the cup made a perfect seal which froze hard because of the slush, and one cool cat with emails still to respond too.

Let’s just see a computer come up with that solution. Also, my arm is now sticky.


Kat said...

While I have a hard time commenting on the American tax system (because I am Canadian and currently trying to wrap my head around our newly implemented HST) I can say that you would save a whole lot of money (and taxes for that matter) if you would pack a lunch ;o)

Anonymous said...

maybe you could help out the people at bp with the slip r in gc

Nej said...


Ookami Snow said...

Kat - Yes, taking a lunch to work would be good, and for the most part would be tasty - but I really like getting out of the office for a bit.

R - Ha! The gum would get very hard on the ocean floor.

Nej - I had the same thought... but that was short lived, since I had a huge mess to clean up.