Friday, December 08, 2006

Pink hiar for the Aztecs

This is a rather unflattering picture of my Aztec professor Dr. McCrea.

The point is the pink hair though. I have had a fair amount of people ask me about how the class is, and during my description of the class Dr. McCrea's pink hair always comes up. So there is a visual for you (Clicky to see better). It is actually pretty faded by now, but you get the idea. (p.s. The class was very good, I highly suggest taking classes from her.)

What is even funnier about the pink hair is that when a guest speaker, from somewhere on the east coast, came to talk about the Aztecs, he had just died his hair... the exact same color as hers. The next day in class Dr. McCrea had to withstand a barrage of questions about why you have to have pink hair to study the Aztecs.

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