Tuesday, July 17, 2007

:( Blogger

Why do you make me sad Blogger? Everything was working so fine and then you changed. I used to be able to send a pic from my mobile phone to you, and then re-upload the pic from my post so that it wouldn't look so jagged (I guess you could have just made the mobile phone pics look nice in the first place, but I'll overlook that.)
Well this trick doesn't work anymore. The only way I can get moble pics to look nice now is to download my pic and then re-upload it. This seems un-necessary. I would prefer it if we could just go back to the days of everything working.

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The Gare Bear said...

It's better to make things more complicated and not work as good as they used to. Picture this: Company X has engineers, marketing people, and software writers. Boss comes in and says "Why are you guys all sitting around?" Workers then go do some work. First, they mess up everything they already had working, then they hire a bunch of people from India or Pakistan to man their help lines and further confuse the consumers. Then, they write a fix to put things back to normal. Then they go back to sitting around. Because then, everything works like it was supposed to again. And the boss is happy.