Saturday, July 07, 2007

Searching for my past

[In the picture, starting with me in the red hair on the left, and going around the table clockwise is; Me, I don't remember, Matt, Jenette (my sister), and the one of the two other boys is Timothy, the other one is somebody that I don't remember.]

This morning for some reason I had a strong urge to find out what has been going on with my old (old) buds from Casa Grande. I haven't even thought about them in forever, but I had nothing better to do. So away I went through the annals of Google.

I couldn't find anything at all about Chris Allender (Alexander? I can't even exactly remember his last name). I don't think that he is around Casa Grande anymore.

[From left to right, Jenette, Me, Chris making the funny face, and Timothy (?)]

I had better luck with finding stuff about Matthew Lemberg and company. Matt and I used to play football together in the streets back when I was like 8 or so. And his parents (more on them in a bit) threw the coolest birthday party for him that I had ever gone too (probally even still to this day). See he was in to baseball and so the party was baseball themed. When we got to the party we all randomly drew out sweatbands, if we got a green one we were on the Oakland A's team, if we got a blue one we were on the L.A. Dodger's. I am sure we did many cool things using those teams... I don't really remember... I just remember how cool it was to be drafted onto a baseball team for just attending a party. Even to this day I still hold the A's as one of the teams that I go for because of him. Also since he liked the A's my stack of baseball cards always seemed to be missing A's cards after he went threw them... (but it is ok, because one day when I went to his house to see if he wanted to play and we wasn't there, I stole a toy car from him, it was a toy police car. So I figure we are even.)

Anyways, Matt Lemberg is now the Chief Personal Officer at the Casa Grande Boys and Girls Club. He seems to be doing pretty good, and is married to a girl named Corrie, which sounds like a familiar name, but I might just be making that up. It is good to see that he is doing good.

[I am the red head in the front row, Chris is sitting to the left of me. Our soccer team was pretty good that year, I think we got second in the league.]

Timothy, Matt's younger brother, who I don't think was ever called Tim, has no presence on the internets besides the times he is mentioned with Matt when playing in various tennis tournaments. Don't know any more about him. When we were growing up sometimes I would get along better with Timothy than Matthew, since Matt was a year older, and I think Timothy is a year younger than me (so two years younger than Matt.)

Erin, their sister, who cut Jenette's bangs one day back when they were both 4 or so, also is not mentioned on the internet except she is going to be a camp counselor at some camp in Arizona. I don't really have any memory of her from my childhood.

The last people I found in their family, and the only one that has a picture on the internet is their parents (this pic of Matt doesn't count). Rick and Kathy Lemberg look exactly as I remember them looking from way back when. Rick is now the pastor at Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church in Oakhurst, California. It sounds like they are doing good. It was very hard to find them since they weren't in Casa Grande anymore... and for a while I was spelling Lemberg as Limburgh... that made it harder to find them. I don't remember much about Kathy... oh yes I do, one day when I ate dinner at their house she made me drink all my milk before I could go play. Ugh! I hate milk... I think though that I did drink most of it. What I remember of Rick was him building things, I remember he built a bike track in his backyard for Matt and Timothy (I had one too in my backyard... we all had rocks for a backyard, so digging in it wasn't that big of a deal.) I also remember that he made Matt and Timothy cool beds. I guess I should say that he was the pastor at the church we went to in Casa Grande, the First Presbyterian Church, but I don't really remember him there.

Well there you have it. A really long post about some people from my past, that I though of to look up on Google this morning. I came across Matt's work phone number, but I decided against calling it, I think that would be creepy... well I guess writing up an essay on their family might qualify for creepy too... but I will classify this post as memories, and all the creepiness of it goes away, right? Anywho, if any of ya Lembergs are as to stumble upon this post when you searching for your own name, go ahead and leave me a comment. I would like to hear from you.

Oh, one more story. When Matt would get hungry he would just go and get a slice of bread and eat it plain; all in one bite. He would do that alot.


The Math Ninja said...

:) Happy Post

Big Red Lance said...

That's cool! Facebook is also an excellent source of info on old friends.

I've found a few long lost friends on Facebook.

Ookami Snow said...

Unfortunately I am about two years too old. Facebook just came out a little bit after all my friends would have graduated.

But yeah I have found a fair amount of friends through Facebook.

The Gare Bear said...

Good detective work. It was fun to read. I had a hard time remembering some of the names. Remember, there was another family named Fox that lived a few houses away from Lembergs. Seems I heard one of them had cancer and died early. I'd like to find Nelson and Mary Moore, my bicycling friends and former owners of the Schwinn bicycle shop in Casa Grande. I know they moved toward Phoenix and went back into teaching, but that's the last I know of them. One of their sons went to United Airlines Pilot school in the Denver metro area, but that too was a bit of memory from way back.

nettymus said...

Fox...yes....the daughter had a longer name.. a very normal name... that girl DIDN't cut my bangs, and therefore, I liked her more than Erin. Her dad ate whole tomatoes with salt on them like apples...

Irene said...

I love fresh tomatoes from the garden with salt on them, yumm!!
Nice post Shannon, it is always nice to find how people from your past turned out. You made me think, I googled my friend from Brooklyn and I think I found her and her husband. I was in their wedding party & really liked her brother-in-law. I think I'll give her a call, or write a letter. I dont have an e-mail for her.