Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colbert '08?

Seriously, if you had a chance to vote for Colbert for president, would you?

My answer is in the the comments.


Ookami Snow said...

I would vote for Colbert if Ron Paul was not an option. I think that Ron Paul gives us the best chance to start working our way back to a smaller government, but I think that some of his ideas go a bit too far to fast. But since the legislative branch wont go Libertarian we would have overall balance if he got elected.

I think that if Colbert would seriously run for president he would win. I think that most people, myself included, are tired of getting politicians from the same crop, year after year. I believe that Colbert would be a fine president, and I think that he could do a better job of being a politician than Arnold over in California.

It is time for some new ideas, and Ron Paul and Colbert both could bring about some change for the better. Maybe we can get them to run together...

Think Frustrated said...

I can't get behind Ron Paul. I like his economic policy, but his stance on immigration (deny citizenship to children born in the US of illegal immigrant parents) is a little out there. Plus, Libretarian or not, I can't go Republican. I disagree with more things than I agree with. It would be hard to vote for Colbert because you wouldn't know when he was being serious because he has that deadpan down so well. Just watch that video of him talking about George Bush in front of GWB. Great stuff.

Ookami Snow said...

I think that with every politician we can tell when they are telling the truth or not, so if I can't tell if Colbert is serious or not doesn't necessarily hurt his standing.

Don't let Ron Paul's Republican tag put you off. It is the only way that he could have a chance of getting elected. He is not a person that will change his views just to please others.

Overall everyone needs to pay less attention to the party and start listening to the person. The more we care about party the more power they have (and that is not a good thing). Granted a certain party might produce more candidates that have certain ideas, but party does not tell us everything about the person.

And maybe Colbert will get to run as both a Republican and Democrat, and win both party's nomination. Then it would just come down to Reb. vs. Dem. Colbert. And that would be a great debate to see.

Ookami Snow said...

Arg. The first sentence should be: I think that with every politician we CAN'T tell when they are telling the truth or not, so if I can't tell if Colbert is serious or not doesn't necessarily hurt his standing.

Why doesn't Blogger lat me modify my comments?

Think Frustrated said...

That would be nice if it let us modify them.

I'm not really hung up on the label, "Republican," but as a group, their general political platform is pretty opposite mine. The only thing we tend to agree on is gun control and the death penalty. Those are not my top two issues.

Ookami Snow said...

I agree that the label of the party doesn't matter, but the stances that the candidates tend to take that come from those parties. So I can see generally defaulting to not liking a candidate based on party, but hopefully everyone will give a fair shot to hear everyone out, regardless of party.

Just look at the Pirate vs. Ninja parties. They have been in an all-out war for the last couple of years, when in fact they both stand for the same thing; awesome. They just won't listen to each other.

Think Frustrated said...

I don't know. I think ninjas would rock pirates any day. The pirates would try to shoot those cannon-like handguns, and the ninjas would just slice off their heads. Plus, Pirates smell and are toothless.